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Steve Carr is one of the U.K’s most active Motivational Speakers & Mental Health campaigners.With a powerful story that shows how he moved from the toughest challenges in life to becoming a successful coach, motivational speaker and philanthropist, he will totally inspire your audience: 

With less than one hundred quid in my pocket and a tent, I began my journey on Monday 1st Feb. The campaign was to raise awareness of Mental Health issues and Homelessness, after experiencing both issues first hand me. On Friday 13th September 1991, when I was just 15 years old, my life changed irreversibly when my brother was tragically killed, along with four other children, by a reckless drunk driver in the Akers Way horror crash in Swindon. Paula Barnes, 15, Belinda Brown, 19, Paul Carr, 16, Sheree Lear, eight, and seven-year-old Ian Lilley were playing on the grassed area off Akers Way when driver Shaun Gooch lost control of his car at high speed and crashed into the group of youngsters. The tragedy shook the community and provoked fury among campaigners who had long been calling for a lower speed limit and other safety measures on the road. I received no support or help following my loss, due to my father's decision that my sister and I would be o.k, instead choosing I chose to mask the trauma with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs...

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... My mother and father divorced shortly after it happened and I was forced out of my family home. I lost contact with my Mother, father & sister, I could not hold onto any form of relationship for long periods due to the fear of loss and rejection and as fast as I was gaining friends, jobs and relationships I was losing them. During my early 30’s, things started to look up for me when I managed to hold down a job for long...

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