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Rich is a recognisable face (and voice) from his work as an actor, presenter and voiceover artist across television, radio, video games and the corporate sector.

More About Rich

Rich has vast experience in high pressure situations for television, commercials, feature films and corporate videos of any type. He has worked extensively either with autocue or having to memorise lengthy scripts (with subtle dialogue changes for different edit versions), single or multicamera setups, and green screen or other VFX shots.

He is used to having to hit marks or repeat actions, perform long uninterrupted takes, and has eve...

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“Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your contribution last week. It was a genuine pleasure to meet and play with you and I thought you brought a fantastic quality to the film which was unique, genuinely funny, skilful and very, very watchable. I hope we get to do it again sometime soon!”

- Mark McGann, actor/director

“Rich is a natural talent and he bounced off our scripts with energy, vigour and exactly the right humour, lifting nuances that few would have seen. His performance brought our Retra films to life. Even now, I cry when I watch them again. Really and truly, we’d love to have him back in our films.”

- Paul Laville, CEO T21 Group

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