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Kerrie’s fresh, fun and charming delivery, professional work ethic and flair for entertainment attract audiences of every generation. Experienced host and corporate presenter.

Kerrie has always loved to talk and takes great interest in people; this is why she is so gifted at connecting with her guests and audiences. She is a quick-witted, savvy, knowledgeable and fun presenter with the ability to tailor her hosting style to suit corporate, lifestyle, or educational environments, whilst remaining entertaining and in control.

More About Kerrie

Equipped with experience reading autocue, using talkback, green screen, talking to time, interviewing and co-presenting, she particularly enjoys the thrill and uncertainty of working on live events and productions. Her presenting characteristics can be described as humorous, passionate, strong, warm and versatile.

She has hosted awards ceremonies, trade and fashion shows, events, videos, exhibitions, commercials and educational present...

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