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Glen has been presenting on Television and Radio for over twenty-five years and has worked for some of the biggest players in the industry.  

More About Glen

Glen is an experienced, professional presenter who has been described by his clients as ‘professional, easily understood by everybody and appealing to a broad spectrum of viewing or listening audience’.

His experience as a presenter spans from studio to location and live to recorded environments.  His ability to use earpiece makes him a great choice for jobs requiring a corporate presenter on location. A huge advantage with Gl...

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“Glen worked with me as reporter and presenter at ITV Meridian. This is a man who is unfailingly charming and unfailingly positive, He is unafraid of new challenges. He is someone who places collaborative working high on his list of priorities. Glen provides results under pressure and was a hugely popular member of the team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glen to any prospective client or employer. He is a talented man.”

- Alan Rook: Deputy Regional Editor / Programme Editor, ITV Meridian

“Glen is Ultra Reliable, he is a rock on whom you can depend. He is also creative and can be relied on to provide a first class job left to his own devices. His voice speaks for itself, very professional and easily understood by everybody and appealing to a broad spectrum of the viewing or listening audience. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”

- Paul Lavers: Head of Presentation, Ideal World