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Ben gets tech savvy in Leeds

Ben has just been filming in Leeds for one of the world's leading home entertainment brands.

Ben Facebook

It's a massive series of videos for use on below the line social media activity which will appear over the next few months.

With a five day shoot, full scale room sets in a massive drive in studio, and huge crew there was only Ben to be the face of the brand and the promotion when the cameras rolled. Something he took in his stride and really delivered, with both end client and director being 'chuffed to bits'.

The client chose Ben because of his lively larger than life comedy 'stand up' style and his acting background made it natural for him to take up a number of demographic roles demanded by the director, from businessman, gamer, dad and best mate. The superbly crafted short videos are specifically targetted at different sectors of the crowded home entertainment market and we think will certainly make an impression.

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We can't show you any of Ben's films yet so in the meantime you can see Ben doing what he does best in an online advert for Shinkyu Karate. 

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