Wondering how to choose the perfect presenter? Ask Jane!

20th May 2020

So you need a presenter, but how do you go about finding the perfect person for your organisation or brand?

In her latest VLOG Jane Farnham, founder of Great British Presenters and Great British Voices gives her top tips.

If you don't have the time then she can make life easy for you and send you a shortlist from within our talented team of over 200 British and International presenters!

There are various factors you should consider before hiring a presenter, they'll be the face of your organisation or your brand so it's critical to get just the right person. There are obvious ones such as age, gender, language but we have varying depths of expertise in a whole range of subjects that can add knowledge and gravitas to your message. They're all searchable on the new website, so with a few clicks of a mouse you can look at specialists in: 

Just to prove Jane knows what she's talking about either go to her own presenters' bio page here or see her TV showreel below.

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