Travel presenter Sally heads off to Thailand for SKY TV inserts

16th July 2019

Earlier this year Sally was chosen by Sky TV to be the face of a selection of promotional travel films which are currently airing across all Sky TV channels.

In April she flew to Thailand for a week, landing in Bangkok then travelling via Krabi, Phuket, Phang Nga and the ancient city of Buriram.

As a frequent travel writer and filmmaker, she wrote and presented three films about sustainable tourism, gastronomy and secret temples.

These were commissioned by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and produced, filmed and edited by Middle Table Productions.

The films are currently running during the adverts on Sky TV and it’s hoped more travel destinations will follow soon.

Sally is just one of many experienced travel journalists and presenters in the team. If you're after a multi-lingual male travel presenter try Ashley seen here in a blog about his travels down the East Coast of America. Another of the team who is really experienced is Alastair who spent much of his life travelling the world with Cunard.

If you want someone a little more adventurous then consider Telegraph, Lonely Planet, The Independent and BBC journalist Simon

You don't always need a 'name' to present a show but if you do then we have several presenters who have been on ITV and BBC holiday shows such as the lovely Carol Smilie, Paul Coia, Sunita Shroff, Akhtar Khan and Tris Payne

Here you can see a combination of the three films Sally presented...

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