Darren goes deepfake with Boris and Jeremy...

12th November 2019

Darren has been involved in one of the most memorable deep fake videos, centred around Brexit and the UK election.

The video was posted on Social media by the amazing company Future Advocacy and appears to show Johnson supporting his rival Jeremy Corbyn.

HERE is a link to a report on Victoria Derbyshire to show how it was made.

The purpose while fun has a serious side - should action be taken to prevent the truth from being distorted? And if so, should platforms like social media and the internet, in general, be part of the policing of this?

Darren's Background -

Since walking onto the BGT stage, Darren has presented for The National Lottery and returned to Britain’s Got Talent as a host.  His unique take on delivering impressions and infectious personality will guarantee laughs!

Darren will give your event a real shine injecting a different concept and barrel of laughs be as host or entertainer.

As a  voice-over artist, Darren as a relatable London accent and pride himself on being extremely versatile, adaptable and directable. As a trained jazz musician, Darren has a unique understanding of pitch and timing and can deliver a huge range of accents, dialects, characters and of course, celebrity impressions. He's played and developed characters for computer games, animations, cartoons and exhibitions.

Darren is also a very popular and entertaining VOG - that's Voice of God/Live Announcer - in the VO world! You can hear Darren's VOG demo HERE.

To book Darren as a presenter or host contact Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters jane@greatbritishpresenters.co.uk or you can see his presenters profile HERE
To book Darren for voiceovers and impressions contact Alex at Great British Voices alex@greatbritishvoices.co.uk 

Listen to all of his demo reels on his voices bio page HERE